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How to order

1. Please consult us using the 'Chat' under the homepage

2. Be sure to read the Notice

3. When the order is completed after payment, the artist begins working.


We will guide you through the precautions and important points for ordering painting (repainting)

All work is done in close review and collaboration by 357partment artists.

Since the whole process from start to finish is done by hand, take a look at the following precautions.

Please take a careful request


-Refunds of completed commissioned works are not possible.

-Basics: Use of oil-based paint, 100% handmade, face'matte', eyes and lips'glossy' coating,

-After receiving the head, before entering the painting, take a picture for any defects or stains.

-When ordering a painting, we do not send a picture of the process.

-Request contents that can be interpreted subjectively (e.g., light beard, light pink lips, etc.)

The work is proceeding by referring to the photo you sent, so be sure to refer to the photo.

-If you want to match the head with a specific color, please enclose the parts (body, hand, head, etc.) for reference.

-We are not responsible for any peeling or damage of the painting due to your carelessness after delivery.

-When sending a request, please send the shipping cost in'prepaid'. (Return processing when sending out payment)

-For overseas regions, shipping charges are added depending on the distance.

-The photographed picture may have subtle differences in color and expression depending on the display.

-The working period can be known exactly from the date the head arrived here.



*Important! “For painting correction” *

We offer you a total of 2 correction periods

All corrections are possible only within the range provided. (It is not possible to change skin tone)



1. We will send you pictures after finish painting.


<First Modification range>

-Adjust eyebrow and hair color and shape

-Adjust iris color and size

-Adjust lip color and shape

-Special expression (wound, tattoo, blood, etc.) adjustment

2. We will send you a picture after first modification.

<Second Modification range>

-Brightness of eyebrows and hair color

-Darken the color of all expressive parts *It is impossible to brighten it*

-Adjustment of special expressions (wounds, tattoos, blood, etc.) *Cannot be erased*

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